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Some online casino, like Party casino, only offer a download version of their casino software. Some others, like CasinoEuro, only offer a non-download browser based software for instant play. And the majority of online casino, like Platinum Play, offer two options to the player to choose from, a download and a non-download version.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages, as it usually happens when there are two choices.

If you choose to download the software, you’ll enjoy better graphics and sound, but you’ll have to wait 5-30 minutes to start playing, depending on your internet connection and the size of the casino software. On contrary, if you choose to play from your browser, you’ll be able to play instantly, but the playing environment will not be that advanced. Of course, you’ll also save some space on your hard drive, as you’ll not have to download and install anything, and you’ll also not have to uninstall anything if you don’t want the next user of your computer to find a casino software installed. All you’ll have to do, is exactly the same things you do whenever you want to hide that you’ve visited a web page, that is clearing cache, browsing history, saved usernames and passwords, e.t.c.

Some the decision to download the casino software or play at the browser based version is obvious. For example, if you happen to use a computer that does not allow you to install new programs, like a computer at an internet cafe or at work, your only option is to play from your browser. On the other hand, you might not be able to play from your browser, because java options are not correct or you’re using a browser that does not support the casino software, so your only option is to download and install the software.

Some people think that if they download the software, then they’ll be able to play even if they’re not connected to the internet. Let’s make this clear, it is necessary to be connected to the internet to play, no matter if you use the download or the online version. Even if you download the software, it will need to communicate all the time with the casino server through the internet connection.

We always mention in our reviews if the casino offers a downloadable version and a browser based version or not and we also use to write in each review if the instant play version misses some games or features. Regarding the VIP treatment there is no difference in those two versions.

If you feel a little confused and are looking for a final advice to help you choose to download the casino or not, here is a rule of thumb: If you want to play at an online casino only once, or you’re playing in many casino once in a while, then prefer to play from your browser. If you only play at your one or two favourite online casino, then download them!

Download version only: Party Casino
Instant play version only: CasinoEuro
Both versions available: Platinum Play Casino

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