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First characteristic of the best blackjack players: KNOWLEDGE.

The best players do not know simply how to play Blackjack … they are completely aware! They hold all the key strategies and as they have the knowledge to calculate probabilities they decide whether to pull or stop, if they split or if they double. When they acquire the knowledge of the key strategies, and learn excellent the most advanced techniques, they gain the first feature of the best players of the blackjack.

Second characteristic of the best blackjack players jack: REALISM.

Most people fear the reality and live in a fake world of dreams and fantasy. There is no problem with this, provided that they do not want to become the best players in any game of chance including blackjack. The intuition and the belief in faith are not at all good consultants at blackjack, for the simple reason that they help mathematics errors and the blackjack is a mathematical game.The best players have managed to drive off their minds the notion of faith, they do not believe in intuition and they do not have selective memory which makes them think that they are more likely to win than they really are. They are realists and they believe only in mathematics, which is the only real factor that could lead them to many victories at blackjack.

Third characteristic of the best blackjack players: DEDICATION.

Nothing in life comes in an easy way and this golden rule exists surely at blackjack, too. The best players do not get better from one day to another without effort. Apart from remembering by heart all the right strategic moves, they also must have the discipline to apply them throughout the game without relaxing at all. The best blackjack players note their performance in every game and monitor their evolution over time. Only in this way they manage to become better players.

Fourth characteristic of the best blackjack players: TENACITY.

Many times the other players at the table get bored with someone who plays timid and measured, and often make them suggestions. The feature of the best blackjack players is that they are able to ignore what the others suggest and do what they want themselves, ignoring the pressure. Their tenacity is the factor that makes them take the right decisions away from the psychology of the moment and the other players.

Fifth characteristic of the best players blackjack: EXPERIENCE.

The only way to gain experience in blackjack is to play blackjack. The more you play the more you learn. The experience helps the players to concentrate for longer periods and to analyze the possibilities and quickly decide about the best strategies to follow. The more experience a player has the less mistakes he makes and surely the best blackjack players have gathered much experience … A new player in order to acquire experience, it is better to play games with small, not expensive chips, so that the cost of his education will be affordable …

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