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Slots are responsible for 80% of the turnover of a casino in terms of both real (land based) casino and online casino. It is natural that having such a popularity means that slots have many advantages over other games. But what are these advantages?

1. Game Time: Video slots is the game that offers to the player the maximum possibilities regarding time of entertainment and money spent. The game is evolving very quickly each time we turn the wheels but at the same time we can bet very little money, so the entertainment offered is intensive and lasts a long time.In contrary,for example with the roulette wheel where we have to wait enough until the next round, the slots can be played very fast.

2. Minimum bet: The amount of money that you can play at the slots depends on many factors (for example: if we play for the progressive jackpot, the minimum value of the credit, how many lines we play, etc.).But if somebody wants they can play at slots with a minimum bet which is sometimes up to just 1 cent. This bet cannot be found in any other casino game.

3. Enormous profit opportunity: The slots would not be so popular if there were not these huge progressive jackpots which sometimes distribute even 5 million. Most players of slots are also hunters of a jackpot.These very large prizes attract many players of slots, who otherwise would not play slots at all.

These reasons make video slots the most popular game across all categories of casino players, from VIP to amateurs.

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