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Online casino exist for more than a decade and every year their graphics and functionality improves. They manege to bring the real casino experience more and more closer to the player. A recent development that was predictable and much awaited is the introduction of live dealer casino games. While real dealers spin the roulette of give cards they are recorded on video and live broadcasting on the internet allows online players to participate to the game.

The first group of online casino that massively introduced live games are casino build on Playtech’s software, like bet365 casino. If you’re already a player of a Playtech casino and haven’t noticed the live dealer games yet, you can find them at the main menu and then you’ll see a small window on the screen where you’ll be able to watch the dealer live on camera.

The most popular live game is live blackjack, because players can see the cards dealt to other players. In the beginning of live dealer casino games, it was difficult to see the cards, because they were of normal size and couldn’t be seen clearly on the small video box. Playtech was fast to respond with a clever fix and now the cards are of large size and cameras zoom on the cards, so the problem has been solved.

Apart from blackjack, which is the most well known live game, at Playtech casino players can also play live roulette, which has an advantage over live blackjack. While at live blackjack you should wait for other players to play and if they are slow it can be annoying, at live roulette the time available for bets is specified, so you cannot get annoyed by slow players. In both cases there is a chat box at the right upper corner of the screen where the players can talk to other players and tell them to play faster if they think it is a problem. Other live dealers games available are baccarat and Sicbo.

If you’d like to try the experience of playing at a live dealer table of an online casino, you should keep in mind that you might have to wait to find a seat at a blackjack table for example, because these tables are limited as they require real dealers whose shift will be at the time that you wish to play. The participation to live games tables is free, there is no difference with playing at the other tables of the online casino.

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