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Casino Party “Gold Mega Jackpot” Won Again – The Jackpot That Keeps on Giving

We can’t believe we are writing this either…but it’s happened again. Party Casino’s coveted “Gold Mega Jackpot” has turned one lucky punter into a very rich individual. For the 39th time since January of 2010 the generous jackpot awarded £758,280 to one of the website’s users.


What is even more remarkable? This was one of the smaller jackpots in the game’s already storied history. Over the last six years the jackpot has awarded an average of £933,950 every nine weeks. The largest in the game’s history jackpot, won in April of 2011 by site user Carmeeq8, was worth just short of 2 million dollars.

““I deposited £50 and kept playing until it got to £4,500 and all of a sudden there was this different box pop up to pick six out of nine boxes” remembered a now very wealthy Carmeeq8. ““My spouse then left the house to pick up our pizza and now all alone at home I checked my balance and saw £1.9 million dollars! I started screaming with excitement. I am going to pay off debts, provide education for my children, fix my house, travel with my buddies and relax. It’s a dream come true!”

The unique “Gold Mega Jackpot” has become one of the most sought after jackpots in the industry. With an initial seed value of £500,000, the “Gold Mega Jackpot” uses a progressive structure to reach it’s enormous payouts. The more that time passes between wins – the higher the value of the jackpot. At most times you can watch the jackpot gain as much as £0.50 every second! At the time of writing the current “Gold Mega Jackpot” is worth over £670,000.

The jackpot is awarded by Party Casino, a company that has been around for nearly two decades. Party Casino uses both in-house and outsourced developers to make sure their selection of games is both unique and exciting. They allows users to download and play games right from their desktop, or via their internet browser.

So how can you test your luck at nabbing this hefty prize? Party Casino games Tornadough, The Sting, Dragon’s Hoard, Hawaiian Madness, Super Star, Super Joker, Super Fortune Wheel, Super Mystic, and Mega Fortune Wheel can all trigger the jackpot bonus game that requires the user select six of nine symbols. The more dollar signs the user is able to reveal behind those symbols, the more money they are awarded. There is no max bet to be jackpot eligible, but a higher wager presents a high probability of activating the jackpot.

As for the last user who struck it lucky with the “Gold Mega Jackpot”? While they are keeping quiet for now. Laying low and letting it sink in that they won almost a million dollars with just one click of the mouse.



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